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version 6.70 - search

Postby admin » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:33 am

Version 6.70 was released. You can download it from Play Store (may take few hours): ... handwallet

or directly from this forum: ... Wallet.apk

In this version we added the ability to search in long lists like the list of currencies or list of countries.
We removed historical currencies from the currencies list (but they are still supported if you have accounts in these currencies).
You can see the historical currencies and cryptographic currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) by scrolling down the list and selecting "Show also historical currencies and crypto currencies".

In versions 6.50-6.60-
- Direct download data from your PayPal account
To define the PayPal account go to the "Accounts" screen (usually the second screen from left) and add a new account. Change the type of account to "Electronic Wallet" and then select PayPal. Press "Advanced" and change sync option from "Don't sync" to "Every day".
Now enter your email and password. Press the "confirm" button to save the new account. From now on HandWallet will download automatically any transaction from your PayPal account on a daily basis.
To manually download new transactions without waiting for the daily sync go to the "Accounts" screen and press your PayPal account. A small popup menu will appear. select "more"+"sync".

Also in version 6.60-
- We approved the support for currencies in Venezuela, São Principe and Tome and Mauritania. Also fixed some issues with old Belarus Rouble and old Zambia Kwacha.
- It is now possible to download historical data from PayPal and not only new transactions
- It is possible now to change the default currency if you selected a wrong one during installation. This is done in menu+options+behavior.
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