Version 7.10 - Multi select!

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Version 7.10 - Multi select!

Postby admin » Sun May 10, 2020 4:22 pm

Version 7.10 was released. You can download it from Play Store: ... handwallet

In this version we added filtering by personal fields. Personal fields are fields that are not 'built in' and you can define and add them to Actions.
Also in this version we added a "popular location" button to "shops & customers". This helps to add a GPS/address location to a shop or customer based on historical locations.

In version 7.00 that is a major release we added the option to edit/duplicate/delete several Actions in one click.
The multiple select of Actions is done by long click on an Action and then using one of the options at the bottom of the screen.
After selecting the first Action by using long click select more records by using click or long click.
For example it is now possible to change the date, add location, add remarks and so on at once.

In addition we improved in version 7.00 several features:
- When creating or modifying an Action we added NFC and App to "pay type" in the relevant places.
- When adding or modifying the location of an Action it is possible to select from previous locations.
- We added "search" in the "updates" screen, when working several family members on the same data. The "updates" screen shows the activity of all members in the work group. "Workgroup" is also great for people that want to work simultaneously on the phone and on PC (press menu+sync).
- We improved the voice recognition of categories when creating a new Action using the microphone.
- We improved the import of data from Excel and other formats and especially the combination of import + work group.
- Bank SMS (that creates Actions from SMS messages you get from your bank) now also works better in work groups. If you haven't done so yet you can download "Bank SMS" from here:
- We updated the development environment and improved stability and performance.

Please share with us your opinion on the new version.
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