New version 7.39 - improvements in graphs and accounts

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New version 7.39 - improvements in graphs and accounts

Postby admin » Wed Nov 17, 2021 8:00 am

Version 7.39 was released. You can download it from Play Store (it might take few hours until all devices get the update): ... handwallet

In the Analyst screen (graphs) we improved the "Balance" graph so it will show also gaps in the balance.
Gaps are marked in blue and are usually cased by missing actions.
Pressing a blue gap will show more details. It is also possible to go from a specific gap to the relevant account statement page to understand what is missing. We recommend viewing the balances graph from time to time to make sure we didn't miss anything.

You can go to the balances graph in one of these ways:
- Go to the "Analyst" screen (usually icon #3 from left at the top of the screen if you didn't change the order of icons). Then press the top right button in screen(to select the type of graph) and select "balance".
- Go to the Accounts screen (usually icon #2 from left at the top of the screen). Then press the relevant account, select "more" and then "analyst".
You can also press the "total" to see a graph of all accounts.

In the Accounts screen we improved the total calculation when managing accounts in different currencies.
In this case you can see the balance (and total) in one currency or to see each account in it's own currency. In this case the total will show now each currency separately.
It is also possible to see a breakdown of total by cash, bank accounts and credit cards.

In exporting the data:
Another small improvement in exporting the data to PDF-
It is now possible to highlight lines.

As usual version 7.39 includes also performance and stability improvements.
We would love to hear your opinion.
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