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HandWallet Expense Manager version 4

Postby admin » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:49 am

New version 4.0 was released today. You can download it from Play Store using this link:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... handwallet

What's new in version 4.0?
You can now import financial data to HandWallet.
This can be done by using "Data/Options/Import" inside HandWallet or by using an external file explorer and pressing the file.
You can also import directly from Google drive / Dropbox or Gmail.

Supported files:
- Excel files in all versions including files downloaded from banks and credit card companies.
- OFX files. OFX = Open Financial Exchange
- QFX files. QFX = Quicken Transfer Format
- QIF files. QIF = Quicken Interchange Format
- IIF file. IIF = Intuit Interchange Format
- CSV, XML and TXT files
- Any SQLITE database (including databases from other expense managers)

Another 2 cool new features are to import data from HandWallet and even from the old PC/Palm/Symbian/Windows Mobile HandWallet version.
Importing data is different than the "Data/Options/Restore" option. Use "Data/Options/Restore" to REPLACE the current data. Use Data/Options/Import to COMBINE data from several sources.

Please send us as many feedbacks as possible about the import process. The import of an Excel file or OFX/QFX/QIF file from banks should be very easy. If the app doesn't recognize the columns in the file please send it to us so we can improve the process in the final version.

It is recommended to backup your data before importing large number of transactions.

More features:
- You can now control to what folder to copy files and images that are linked to actions (the definition is in Data/Options/Behavior).
- You can control if you want to store small images in database
- When taking images directly from camera inside HandWallet you can now control if you want to keep a minimized version of the image in database
- It is possible now to show only actions with attachments, by using the filter in the Action screen
- When selecting a file or directory in the app you can sort the files by name, date or type
- You can see the names of files linked to Actions and the status of each link (the definition is in Data/Options/Maintenance).
- HandWallet now consume less memory and works faster
- You can now share an image directly from the "Action Details" screen to email, Dropbox and other apps

- Bug fixed when combining in some cases payments and discount amounts
- We improved the voice recognition algorithm in the app
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