New version 5.08 beta A

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New version 5.08 beta A

Postby admin » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:21 am

New version 5.08 beta A was released today.
You can download it from this link: ... Wallet.apk
(You need to enable installs from external sources)

We also have a new web site, please help us by visiting and pressing the "like / share" button:

What's new?

1) Extremely small size - takes less space.

2) You can now control what fields to show permanently in the "new Action" screen. To do so go to "Menu+Options+View fields" and select "Fields-New Action/Edit Action".

3) More improvements to voice recognition.

4) Small bug fixed - when using a credit card linked to a bank account with "closing day (end of period day)"=Last day of month.

5) Better support for old devices Android 1.6-4.0.

6) We upgraded the developing environment to the last version.
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