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HandWallet version 6.09

Postby admin » Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:39 am

HandWallet version 6.09 was released today, you can download it from Play Store:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... handwallet

In this version we added an option to control the first day of month (for graphs and totals) and the first month in year.
The default consumption period for new Actions is now the day of action (and not month of action as before).
Watch this video to learn more about the consumption and how it affects the graphs and totals:

If you missed the last posts, here is a summary of what's new In version 6.0:

1. Support for multiple clouds (and not just Dropbox), including Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, box and Egnyte.

2. Support for working in groups (for example several members of family) on the same data. New data or modified data will spread to all members of the group.
- New screen added (called "Updates") where you can see all the changes you sent or received. To do so go to the Option/Sync, press the relevant workgroup or channel and select "Updates". As many other screens in HandWallet you can put a shortcut to this screen on the top panel of the app (near the "Actions/Accounts/Analyst/Tips"). To do so long press the panel and add the "Updates" screen.
- It is possible to implement a change done by another member of the group only after you approve it. This is good if you want to let others enter data and still have full control of the data in the app.
To enable this approval go to the "Sync" screen and press the workgroup or one of the channels. Select "Options" and then "Apply new updates only after manually approval". Each change will appear first in the "Updates" screen and will affect the data only after you improve it.

3. Support for channels - you can distribute the data or part of it to other devices.

4. Support for exact time of each Action + time zone.

5. Support for local dates like Islamic date, Persian date, Jewish date etc. To add a local date go to "Options" and then "View fields". You can also add a local date to the date pickers by going to "Options / Keyboards and date pickers".

6. Improved support for online banking and online exchange rates.

7. new menu in "Options" called "Keyboards and date pickers". In this menu you can select the type of keyboard to use for date fields, time fields and currency/amount fields. You can also control showing or not showing suggestions while typing. This may solve issues in Samsung devices with Android version 7.0.

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