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New version 6.97 - improve filter

PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:14 am
by admin
Version 6.97 was released. You can download it from Play Store: ... handwallet

In this version we improved the filter options in the app.
When filtering the Actions for description you can now filter by 4 more options:
- Not include (all Actions with description not including some text)
- Not equal (all Actions with description not equal some text)
- Empty (all Actions without a description)
- Not empty (all Actions with a description)
The same 4 new options were added also to filtering by invoice, receipt or delivery note. So it is now simple to find (for example) all Actions without an invoice.

Another option added in version 6.97 is the ability to cancel the approval of an action. This is done by editing the Action and selecting "status & history".
This is relevant for Actions downloaded automatically from banks and credit card companies or for actions from "Bank SMS".