Credit Card Limits

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Credit Card Limits

Postby Adrian Suarez » Fri May 06, 2016 8:41 pm

Is there any way to set purchase limits for a credit card ?
For example my cards set three limits:
1) Monthly Purchase Limit Available: It is the maximum amount available for purchases, both in a single payment and financed in a period (month ) and automatically renews the day after the monthly closing. Remember that the sum of future payments affect future monthly purchase limits ...
2) Credit Limit Available: It is the maximum amount allocated as total available for all your purchases and are renewed according to payments made.
3) Cash Limit: the maximum amount of cash that can be extracted by credit card from an ATM per month.
All these limits are different in local money and in U.S. dollars (when the purchase or ATM operation is made abroad)
These limits allow us to know at any time, the amount available for purchase or ATM operations, because those limits will be diminished with each transaction made with the card.
Thanks in advance. Regards!
Adrian Suarez
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Re: Credit Card Limits

Postby lampuah » Sun May 15, 2016 11:01 am

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Re: Credit Card Limits

Postby filipe.nanclarez » Mon Jul 11, 2016 1:43 am

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