Payt to individual person

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Payt to individual person

Postby Dpmf24 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:59 am

Hi! ...
If I have a fixed budget to be given to a person every month in parts. How do I enter in the action screen. And how can i find out total amt paid in that month as well as the balance that needs to be paid.
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Re: Payt to individual person

Postby admin » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:40 am

Firs, define this fixed budget in the categories screen,
Create a new category, for example "Bob payments". Then define a fixed monthly budget for it, for example -100 USD. (This should be with minus sign since you are paying).
Make sure all the relevant Actions are entered with this category.
Now go to the "Analyst" screen and select your expense. Then press the first right button (with an icon of wallet) and select "Actions+Budget". This will show you a list of categories and the difference between what you planned (budget) and what was paid in real.

HandWallet has a nice small add-on called "budget" where you can see this info as an envelope: ... org.budget
By using this app/widget you can put a virtual "envelope" on the home screen of your phone with "Bob payments". The envelope will be automatically updated when you enter the Actions in HandWallet. So you can know in any time how much was paid and how much you still need to pay without even opening the HandWallet app.
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