We will make an excellent program even better :)

Request for new features for HandWallet

We will make an excellent program even better :)

Postby jumha » Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:18 am

Sorry, translated Google :oops:

Виталий Я. wrote:Kind time of the day, comrades users and gentlemen developers!
I have not a couple of offers, but a little more than a few: D

1. Is it possible to introduce the right of choice, from which keyboard (qwerty or digital) will be entered the password to enter the program? Yes, the digital password is not completely safe, but it will come down from the children :)

2. When creating an action, the field for entering the amount is too small ... can it be moved to the next line? Or make it a user-configurable. Increasing the font size makes the large font of the entire application ... and I would like to increase the input field of the amount ...

3. Add the ability to "snap" between the tabs "Actions", "Accounts" and "Analysis"

4. In the "Invoices" field, a configurable option for displaying the amount does not work. In the settings done Do not show decimal digits, and the amount of the second account Safe program for some reason reduces ... the display is adjusted after "transferring" some amount from one account to the second.

5. In the "Actions" window, add the ability to assign a default action to a single, double click on a record, and if pressed for a long time, call the full action context menu with the entry.

6. In the "Action Log", record the old and new values ​​of the fields that have been changed.

7. Finalize the automatic upload to Google Drive on exit. Now the application closes before the upload is complete. That is, the database is not synchronized :(

8. In the "Actions" window, on the bottom panel add the ability to place a button to quickly add income and expenses.

9. In the "Activities" when adding a record of income or expenses, add a "Comment" field that will not be visible in the action screen, but will be saved in the record.

10. Add in the settings the ability to swap the "Confirm" and "Cancel" buttons. Including when entering a password :)

And in general, the application is quite convenient. I revised a couple of dozen similar progs - the choice fell on yours! Very simple and understandable, and importantly - adequate technical support;) Thank you for your work!

I'll add "Wishlist" from myself, they are mainly related to the operation of creating-editing the action, the most frequent. In similar programs this is sometimes more optimized, well, than we are worse? ;)

- Add a field with the total sum of all entered splits (the total amount of the action) in the window of the action creation-editing with the following logic of operation: by default, it adds the entered splits, and if you enter the amount of the action manually (or it was substituted from the SMS) Creation of each new split in it is substituted with the cost, supplementing the sum of the previous split to the total amount of the action;

- Add custom action templates to enter new actions!

- when creating a new action, optionally, when choosing a counterparty (seller-buyer-business-client: roll:) substitute in the remaining fields data from the last-saved operation with this counterparty;

- when creating a new action, add the "Check" field. The photo of the check can be attached, and you can enter the data if necessary (copy SMS from the bank, for example) only with "crutches". A document is the most frequent. I have a business version, and it does not have this field (there is only one-line field "Receipt"). I made a personal field, of course, but there are not only checks in business;

- add an option to confirm the payment 1) when creating the action, 2) on the action screen (in this case all payment of the action will be confirmed), 3) batch confirmation of payments of the actions selected by the filters in the action screen.
Now for this you need to enter the account statement and confirm each payment separately;

- add the binding of several cards to one common account, this is often found in banks. Now it can be done through "crutches" only for credit cards, and only for expenses;

- the price-quantity option appeared a long time ago, perfectly! But why is there no display for the action and filter on the screen? Add a choice of displaying prices (categorized as category) on the action screen, add a filter at a price, and you can watch prices from business customers, you can choose business customers at prices, fairy tale!

- when copying actions with a periodicity setting, add a copy of the specified period of use with reference to the date of the action. Now, if I copy the action with a date, for example, in February with the established use from 01 to 31 January, and a year in advance monthly, then all received actions have a period of use January:? It is necessary to manually edit that the action in March had a period of use for February, etc.

Like everything that I remembered ...
The program has become very good, sometimes new options are pleased, thanks to the developers! But I would like to wish them further success! ;)
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