HandWallet Version 6 official release

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HandWallet Version 6 official release

Сообщение admin » Вт сен 05, 2017 11:14 am

HandWallet version 6.02 (also called "HandWallet for Workgroups") was released today. You can download it from Play Store
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... handwallet

Always backup the data from time to time. Before installing a new version it is the perfect time to do so. Backup is very simple and takes only few seconds. You can backup to a local file (menu+backup&restore) or backup to cloud (menu+sync).

In version 6.0:

1. Support for multiple clouds (and not just Dropbox), including Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, box and Egnyte.

2. Support for working in groups (for example several members of family) on the same data. New data or modified data will spread to all members of the group.

3. Support for channels - you can distribute the data or part of it to other devices.

4. Support for exact time of each Action + time zone.

5. Support for local dates like Islamic date, Persian date, Jewish date etc.

6. Improved support for online banking and online exchange rates.

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